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Part 120: More Strangers

Alright, goons have spoken, it's perfectly clear what we must do.

Okay, the immediate effects of sacrificing to Malia aren't that interesting, and I don't feel like running a multi-year alternate universe just to see what happens. Back to the real game!

The disease didn't just kill children, but it hit them hardest, so I'm still calling it a net gain.

I have no idea what the hell Brandgor is babbling about, but I sacrifice to Orlanth in hopes of getting Lightning, so that we may rain down Orlanth's wrath in battle(since Elmalandti isn't going to do it for us ).

Well, I guess we'll be set if we ever get hit with a drought again. And considering that the RNG hates us, we probably will.

A family of travelers petitions you seeking membership in your clan. Their father, Gordangar, speaks on behalf of the others. His family made the dangerous trek from Esrolia, in search of freedom and prosperity. So far, they have found only misery. Gordangar promises hard work and loyalty in exchange for our generosity.

-Accept them as cottars.
-Assign them fine land and a starter herd.
-Assign them some land.
-Force them to be thralls.
-Offer to introduce them to the chief of the Wildcats instead.
-Refuse them.

Back in the Darkness, the ragged remnants of the Nalda Bin came to our ancestors, who took them as thralls.

Hard work? Loyalty? Good! We need more thralls!

We don't need more mouths to feed. We need more fists, to smite our enemies. (He's recommending refusing them entirely.)

Although it would be virtuous to help them, we don't have enough cows to support the clan as it is. (They're recommending sending them to the Wildcats.)

We are not obligated to accept them, but we must treat them with justice while they are here.

Our ancestors would have taken them as thralls.