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Part 121: Storm Bulls

Thalls and land are technically tied(or they were when I first started writing this, although people voted since then), but I don't want this thread to veer off anymore towards fighting over stupid things like "runes are dumb!", "stop powergaming!", and "powergame more!", so I'm going to count the land+starter herd votes as also being votes for land so that we can move on already.

There. We argued that much about the implications an event that gave us this little text in return(and possibly dinosaurs). Are you happy? We also didn't lose any magic, so the ancestors didn't give that much of a shit(although we would have gained magic if we enthralled them).

These fuckers again! They attack a horse(which is bad), and some old people and children(which is good). We get the same options as before but none of them are going to get rid of them forever unless we're lucky so I just picked a different option from before so we're at least not pissing off the neighbors while we're at it. Also, I just noticed the population numbers. That plague really did a number on us! (And we still have more children than farmers )

That's right, we've won two defensive raids in a row now!'s kind of sad that I'm happy about that.

We're low on farmers and they keep getting sick & injured, so I sacrifice in hopes of getting Plowsong to make them work more efficiently despite their numbers.

A trio of Storm Bulls descend on your clan hall. They say they've just finished cleaning out a nest of chaos creatures, and are in the mood the celebrate. "We know that you are good friends to Urox," they say, as they proceed to get spectacularly drunk - and destructively rowdy.

-Ask them to leave.
-Demand compensation for the damange they cause.
-Tell them that chaos menaces a nearby clan.
-Tell them to leave.
-Wait them out; they'll get bored eventually.

Roving bands of Storm Bulls don't belong to any clan. At least there won't be any political effects from whatever we do.

Wealth means nothing to Uroxi warriors, so we can't buy them off. (They're both recommending demanding compensation.

Even while drunk, they are alert warriors ready for action. I'd prefer not to fight them.

"No one can make you do anything" is our most important law. But even Storm Bulls must be responsible for their actions.

A bad wind blows away the foul odor, but brings its own smell.

They'll fly into a rage and kill us all!