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Part 122: Jarolor's Sisyphean Labor

TGG posted:

Tossing a vote for Demand Compensation, since it is the only option I have never tried myself with this event.
That's unfortunate, because it's the best choice. The Storm Bulls just toss you some free silver(more than enough to cover the damage, in fact) and the matter's settled. These guys seriously don't give a shit about wealth and don't mind giving you some baubles to make you stop glaring at them for breaking your ancestral clan hall tables.

Unfortunately for us, we're suffering from learned helplessness and thus are just choosing to wait out the Uroxi instead of actually trying to stop them from destroying the clan hall(or at least getting some shinies out of it).

At least goods are one of the least important numbers to keep an eye on(beyond having enough to keep your shrines going)?

MORE COWS, but more importantly, the Vostangi are getting uncomfortably wealthy. Curse them.

We're positive on sheep AND we're at a net neutral for children! ...too bad everything else sucks.

Hopefully the wind-gusts mean that Elmalandti starts blowing over our enemies with his wind magic again.

Vote on our goals for the year(other than MORE COWS, because I'm doing that anyway.)