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Part 125: More Dinosaurs

Ciaphas posted:

Do you eat any penalties for switching clan modalities or is it just the same penalty as reorganizing the ring?
The penalty is one magic per year for as long as you're not the same clan type as your ancestors, I believe.

That works...for now.

Now let's go steal some cows.

The strange eggs hatch, and stranger creatures emerge from them. They are large baby lizard-things, with a ruff of bone around their beaked faces. You can be sure that nothing this odd has ever been born in one of your barns before.

-Kill them immediately.
-Sacrifice them to Ernalda.
-Sacrifice them to Orlanth.
-Try to raise them.
-Try to trade them to another clan.

These creatures are called earthshakers, and are holy to Ernalda's sister, Maran Gor.

These things could be connected to the dragons.

Whatever we do, no good will come of it.

Look at their shape. Those bones will grow to carry great amounts of meat.

These creatures are a novelty at the very least. Perhaps they are valuable.

How big do you think these get? How much pasture land will they require?

Look at their teeth. They eat plants, just like cows.