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Part 126: Dragonewts

(for some reason the game skipped past the cow-amount selection when I took a screenshot, but I sacrificed 5 cows)

This event is awesome because Tarard Riel's blessing helps warn us about incoming raids, so we won't be caught with our pants down quite as often.

Now let's explore the tula some more!

That "disrespect for the gods" bit will be important to remember if they ever want us to tell them about sacred myths. Other than that, eh.

Since I just remembered it, I checked out the new nobles who popped up since 3 old ones died at the start of the year. There's a Barntar worshipper who is absolutely nothing to write home about(his best stat is Very Good animals; three of his stats are Fair!), an Orlanth worshipper with Excellent Combat(in fact, he already has the second-highest in the clan! Outclassed only by Harvar, of course.), and a new Elmali with Very Good leadership and not much else.
Incidentally, taking a look at this also solved something I was wondering about. I kept expecting a leadership crisis event, but Jorator became Renowned leadership when I wasn't looking, so he's still the best leader in the clan. And no, we still don't have any tricksters.

But enough of that. Let's sacrifice to Elmal. Ignoring our main god this much has gotten kind of silly.

Sun is the counterpart to Orlanth's Rain ritual. We can now migitate the effects of both dry years and years that aren't sunny enough, which is very good for our crops.

A trio of strange beings has eluded your patrols. These lizard-men are probably the dragonnewts you've heard legends about. For twelve hours they've been enacting a mysterious ritual on your lands.

-Clear the area until they leave.
-Conduct a ritual to counter their magic.
-Try to communicate with them.
-Try to kill them.
-Watch them until they leave.

Surely we have offended the gods, to bring such a terrible omen down on our heads.

Dragonewts are very strange indeed. No one really understands why they do certain things.

We could bribe them...if we could figure out what a dragonewt wants.

These aren't the toughest dragonewts. These are the weakest ones.

Perhaps we can try to communicate with them.

Please take me off the ring. I'm not up to dealing with dragonewts.

Run and hide. We must run and hide. Run. And Hide.

This is probably the most hilarious set of ring advice I've seen all LP. The warleader is thinking bribery instead of killing, the trader isn't thinking bribery, the magician is terrified, Jorator thinks the gods hate us but also think it's a good idea to use our god-based magic to cancel out dragonnewt magic, Beneva is too old for this shit, and Dorasa says they're weak while still not actually wanting to attack them.