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Part 127: Lhankor Mhy Finds The Truth

whowhatwhere posted:

fe: He's got links to the story, but I think they're from Mystic Mongol's LP, not what our clan currently knows.
I keep the heroquests in the OP up-to-date with what the clan knows. I stole a few from Mystic Mongol out of sloth, but only when that's what our clan actually knows. I didn't offer this quest as an option because I forgot, and when I went back to the VM to look up the rewards...well, this happened.

The Saurus posted:

Nobody votes for good recruitment drives at sacred time, though. I think in the long run it would be better to redo the year and do a useful heroquest rather than have this clan fail and have to restart all over again. Still, I suppose the people have spoken. ( Dinosaurs aren't always the autowin button)
And for what it's worth, if I feel our population is getting low enough to be a real problem, I'd do a recruitment drive without waiting for input. Just like how I was going to do MORE COWS whether or not goons voted for it(although many of them did). If I had you guys vote on every little thing needed to keep the clan running smoothly, we'd have ten pages of voting on crop ratios & amounts of farmland/pasture/wilderness(I mean, if you guys WANT to vote on that sort of thing, that's one thing, but it's pretty boring so I'm assuming you don't unless there are special circumstances involved).

Anyway, we've decided to turn these lemons into Brandgorade, so let's get to it! It's always worth it trying to contact the gods directly, since they'll be more awesome than some random guy you put in the role.

Brandgor arrives in a dark and blasted place. The winds are strong and cold, which is good, but they also have a strange stink to them. There are Orlanthi around, but they are dressed in the ancient manner of your ancestors. One of them looks like a trader, and must be Issaries.

-Go on to the next station of the quest.
-"I know you didn't intend to sell the truth, so I will allow you to come along."
-"If you do not come, the trade routes will be confused forever."
-Leave the realm of the gods.
-"Please come along Issaries, my dearest of friends."
-"You know there is nothing more important than the truth."

The legends may be useful here.