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Part 128: Year Of The Dino

Mrit posted:

(ISO stuff)
That's what I've been doing - mounting an ISO within the VM. But sometimes it gives the "please reinsert CD" at startup anyway. But enough , back to the quest!

Time for plan B!


Aaaannd there goes any shot we had at completing the quest. Let's leave with a tiny amount of dignity intact, shall we?

A big waste of time, but at least there were no negative effects other than that. More importantly...


The strange little lizards have grown up into strange, very big lizards. They're trampling the grain, eating voraciously, and accidentally stomping the occassional chicken. No one knows what to do with them.

-Leave them alone.
-Sacrifice them to a god.
-Slaughter them for meat.
-Try to train them as battle mounts.
-Try to train them as beasts of burden.

The carls are upset with the havoc the beasts are causing.

Don't forget there's probably some kind of dragon connection to all this.

I think I can train them as battle mounts. Imagine the effect on our foes as our Earthshakes thunder into sight!

These creatures aren't that much dumber than cows. I can train them as beasts of burden, I think.

No point in trying to trade them now, when we don't know quite what to do with them.

If our resident herder won't mention it, I will; these things are eating as much as 3 cows. And they haven't stopped growing!

Wouldn't it be something if we could train them as battle mounts? Imagine the effect on our foes!