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Part 129: Our Dumb Asses Scramble The Maps

Number of people surprised about this vote: Zero.

These things never fuck off, but at least I'm not making you guys decide what to do every time they pop up.

The low weaponthanes are partially because I chose the "have the weaponthanes kill them" choice for the rabble runners(thus injuring some of them; the farmers are getting pretty disgruntled so I don't want to make them much unhappier). Still, . We have a watch tower and patrols as high as possible AND a hill spirit watching for invaders, and they slipped past anyway!



Jarolor looks at his maps and finds out that they've been completely changed! Comparing maps with an Undaroli trader from another clan, he discovers that the Undaroli maps are jumbled, too! Jarolor tries to draw a correct map in the sand, from memory, but can only make a jumbled one.

-Apologize to other clans for ruining all the maps.
-Blame another clan for ruining map. (Sic.)
-Do nothing.
-Sacrifice to Issaries, the traveling god.
-Sacrifice to Lhankor Mhy, the knowing god.

If we apologize for causing this, we will be admired for our forthrightness.

Only the Knowing God can right this terrible error.

This problem was caused by our failed heroquest, and everyone will know it. We must sacrifice to correct it.

If we do nothing to correct this, and are held responsible, all of Dragon Pass will revile us.

Only the Traveling God can find the right paths again.

What does it matter if we cannot explore? We should pay more attention to our fields, and less to faraway places.

A failed Lhankor Mhy heroquest caused this. We must petition his rival, Issaries, to correct it., uh, forget what I said about "no negative effects" last update.