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Part 130: Issaries Kindly Repairs The Maps

Issaries, bro, I know you totally let us down when we were pretending to be Lhankor Mhy, but can you, like, fix our maps and stuff?

(unfortunately, this means I can't get a shot of what the fucked up maps look like. Oh well!)

Here's an overview of our clan population since someone was asking about hunters. We actually have quite a few, since there were always more important things to do than spend a turn getting rid of them and turning them into farmers.

I'm unsure if our crafters will produce enough goods next turn to make sure we have enough for shrine maintenence, so it just made sense to get rid of a shrine of our choosing instead of the game randomly picking one to dismantle for us - rebuilding a shrine would take extra goods, so it's better to avoid having to rebuild a useful shrine like Humakt's or Vinga's. Urox has my least favorite blessings - I'm not really even sure what Sense/Smite chaos do, and Berserker gives us more casualites in battle - so . (and I somehow forgot to get a screenshot of this, but it's nothing exciting anyway.)

And before some of you get scared about chaos again, these guys step in to soothe you. How nice of them.

It's probably time to start getting more crop blessings - it's obvious that Ernalda's heroquest blessing has worn off, so we're not getting the hilarious surpluses we used to. Luckily, we got two such blessings in the past year.

Our reputation went down a notch, presumably because of the whole "fucking up everyone's maps by failing a heroquest" thing. We've also got a bad harvest omen, so it's time to pump up the amount of rye we plant and avoid trading away any of our small excess of food. (which is unfortunate given the good trade blessing - we might be able to spare a few horses in trade, but that's about it)

What are our goals for the year?