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Part 131: Mutant Calf

Here's to another year of trying to climb out of the hole!

Do I need to start a "number of Garstals we've seen" tally? Because this is getting silly.

First thing's first: Making sure we don't starve to death. Rye's not a glamorous crop, but it's hardy.

There are still goodies hiding on our tula, so let's find them!

I said, "so let's find them!".

Your carls get a rude shock while helping a cow give birth; the calf has two heads! The people are very frightened. The attending priestess of Uralada immediately destroys the deformed creature.

-Do nothing.
-Sacrifice to Uralda for protection from deformed cattle.
-Sacrifice to Urox for protection from chaos.
-Send for shamans to scare away bad spirits.
-Send for Uroxi warriors to scour your lands of chaos.

We must show that we are willing to spend any amount to protect the people from chaos.

Shamans are strangers, and can't always be trusted.

A two-headed calf isn't good, but that doesn't mean it's Chaotic.

Sacrifice to Uralda.

We can hire someone to help us.

Can't the rest of you handle these barn stall tragedies?

Our lives are ruled by omens, both good and bad.