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Part 132: Earthshakers

Beneva tried stabbing us with a hunting knife when I tried to sacrifice her to Urox, so I settled for sacrificing to Uralda instead. The good news is that Uralda, despite being a cow herself, is perfectly happy to receive cow sacrifices. Think of it as us returning her children to her if that helps it make any sense.

Unfortunately, this also burned our only point of magic for the entire year. Hope we don't need magic for anything else!

Alright new guy, time to show us your stuff. Find something or I'll have Beneva spew useless advice at you!

We don't get to see his results yet, because everyone's wet dream just came true, right on time for Fire season!

Your efforts to train the earthshakers as battle mounts have been successful! They're ready to thunder across the landscape, striking fear into your foes and bringing cheer to your allies.

-Give them awaahahhaha like we'd ever do this.
-Plan to surprise your enemies with them.
-Sacrifice them to the gods.
-Trade them away.
-Use traders to spread word of these powerful new weapons.

The gifts of these fabulous beasts could end a feud, or fortify an alliance.

These beasts, they're so - so - you understand what I mean.

We must keep these sword-headed creatures to strike at our foes. (He's advising using traders to brag about them to the whole pass. He wouldn't be Harvar if he wasn't big-headed.)

I think the earthshakers will be useful for ten years, give or take.

These creatures are very valuable.

Now our enemies will learn what it's like to fight against dragons!

Our clan magic will increase if we sacrifice them.