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Part 133: Adultery

The vote result was obvious, but it's always good to make sure.

It's super annoying trying to find things in your tula when there's only a couple of things left undiscovered.

I know we're all eager to test out the earthshakers, but first, MORE WEAPONTHANES.

Enent, who married into your clan, now seeks a divorce. She accuses her husband, Kenstrel, of taking a mistress. "I don't know who he's been with, but he's been with someone - repeatedly!" She wishes to keep her bride price of 5 cows as a fine for adultery. Enent's kin from the Six Brothers clan are here to support her claim.

-Conduct a divination. (Note: We have no magic left, although we can go into negative magic if we insist on using more)
-Outlaw Kenstrel, pay the bride price.
-Outlaw Kenstrel.
-Pay the bride price.
-"Without proof of adultery, we can take no action."

It's not just Enent who will be unhappy if we rule against her. It is her clan, as well.

If her husband has broken his marriage vows, one could argue that he is in breach of a pact. The precedents are contradictory, but her claim has some merit.

Eurmal the trickster married a post, then comitted adultery with a broom. Then bad things happened to his entire clan.

Adultery is a crime against the community, and an offense against the gods. If her charge is true, she is not the only injured party.

She is completely convinced that her husband committed adultery.

She is very angry at Kenstrel.

Our magic is weak. Our magicians will not be able to properly interpret the signs.

Bonus questions!

-Do we kick Beneva off the ring for someone who might give more useful advice?
-Do we stick to cattle raiding, or are we confident that we can win full raids now that we have Earthshakers on our side?