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Part 134: Trading Gossip

The vote for keeping Beneva vs kicking her out is astonishingly close(a one-vote difference!), so I'm going to stall doing anything with her until we get a firmer consensus. (that means keep voting about her)

We seem to be utterly convinced we can beat the Vostangi now that we have triceratops on our side, so let's see if that's true.

We're slightly outnumbered, but not by a whole lot(remember that the game doesn't count the Wolf forces with our footmen). Let's have at it!

...and that's with me forgetting to actually use the earthshakers! I think our raiding curse is gone, guys.

Oops, they're out for revenge. Now we can surprise them with dinosaurs.

We won, but I forgot that the Earthshakers are best suited to charging. Oops, entirely my fault. Still, holy shit we've killed 75 Vostangi carls & 10 of their weaponthanes this update, and injured numerous others!

The weaponthanes are feeling cocky about all this, but the farmers are still not happy. Then again, the farmers are never happy.

Although they'll be slightly happier if they're not overworked, so I go recruit some more.

Bragbane, a trader of the Wolf clan, comes to engage in routine trading. As he is concluding his business, he issues a warning. "You'd best beware of Orkarla, who trades on behalf of the Woodpecker clan. She's a cheat, and worse. She secretly worships troll gods."

-Avoid entanglement in this dispute.
-Confront Orkarla with these accusations.
-Promise to be wary of Orkarla.
-Scold Bragbane for trading in rumors.
-Warn Orkarla that Bragbane is spreading rumors about her.

We are allied with Bragbane's clan, and should pay him heed.

Send me to the Woodpecker tula; I will determine the veracity of these rumors.

We are not as strong as Orkarla's clan, and should avoid unnecessary confrontation with them.

The two of them should settle this dispute without involving others.

Orkarla is well-respected as an honest trader. Bragbane is a complaining son of a pig who is so annoying you give in just to get rid of him.

Each clan sanctions its traders to do business on behalf of the clan ring; each trader serves as an emissary for his clan.

We should praise Bragbane for warning us about this viper in our midst!