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Part 135: Thriller Night

I have set up a complicated system to shoot cheetoes directly into my mouth, so I will no longer have cheeto powder interfering with my manual dexterity. And Beneva's staying, since we're apparently relucant to spend a turn rearranging the ring endeared with the clan grandma.

Empty words are the best way to make everyone happy!

We will find the last bits of stuff on our tula, dammit!

Getting extra children isn't the greatest, but I really wanted a mass population increase enough that I'd rather get children by recruiting from everywhere than spend countless turns recruiting a few vagabonds at a time.

Jorator is apparently in a happy place where we can afford to give gifts to other clans. The Blackrocks are the clan that whatshisface hated because MY DAD IS DEEEEADDD, if you recall.

Hello, horse-spawn. Meet the earthshaker-spawn.

...well at least we were able to use the Earthshakers for an entire two battles? (There's a small chance of the Earthshakers dying in any given battle, we just got very unlucky. In other news, water is wet.)

And this is why you plant a bunch of rye in bad harvest years. We still have a small surplus thanks to previous years, but it's not much.

I build a shrine to Orlanth to get Rain. This will help boost our crop output, and also make it easy to switch to Lightning once we get it.

A troop of walking corpses attack! Several of your warriors are killed in their initial onslaught. Parts of your fortifications are destroyed. The corpses shrug off blows that would fell a mortal man, even when horribly mutilated. Your forces finally rally and drive them off.

-Rally local clans to find and fight the undead.
-Sacrifice to Humakt, foe of the undead.
-Send a large force to find and fight the undead.
-Send scouts to learn where they came from.
-We can only hope that they do not return.

We must appeal to the self-interest of the other clans to overcome our reputation and so rally them to their own defense.

No matter how strong our arguments, our unpopularity will make it a challenge to rally other clans.

The walking dead act with mindless determination. We must take active steps against them, or they will return.

There is no time for talk. We must act at once, which means acting alone.

Humakt is foe of the undead; perhaps a sacrifice to him will ward off the walking corpses.

Whatever we do, we better rebuild our fortifications and recruit more weaponthanes immediately.

Humakt is foe of the undead, but also a war god. Although a mighty sacrifice to him might do some good, he truly respects only those who go out and fight.