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Part 136: Heroquest! (not by us)

I'm unsure why our luck is so bad. Does the RNG simply hate us? Or is this Elmal's way of seeing if we're as steadfast as he is? (It's probably the RNG)

Harvar's advice amounted to sending a large force against the undead or getting other clans to help, so I counted "whatever Harvar says" towards both of those. With the end result of...

We lost two people, but we've survived worse. That actually seems to be the theme here - we keep losing lives, cows, and goods, but we just won't die.

And all the zombies destroyed was the watch tower. The RNG's one mercy is that enemy forces only ever destroy the cheapest thing to rebuild, apparently. And yes, the undead were counted in our raids for some reason(even though random events like this usually aren't)! Anyway, I rebuild the tower because it's useful and only costs 10 goods.

MORE WEAPONTHANES. And incidentally, that "don't make any more of our farmers into weaponthanes!" advice is what everyone says. Except Harvar, of course. Good thing we can get weaponthanes from outside our own clan.

Kangharl, an accomplished holy warrior of Elmal, comes to your clan looking for your aid in a great heroquest. "Our people are cursed by fighting and dissention. Hendriki fight Heortlanders. People in Dragon Pass squabble. Differences are more important than similarities. I wish to go to the realm of the gods, so that Orlanth may fight me. Then people will be loyal and united again. I need your magic to help me."

-Do as Kangharl asks.
-Recruit other clans to share the magical burden of support.
-"We cannot help you, our magic is weak."
-"We cannot help you; it is too risky."
-"Your idea is foolish, Kangharl."

Our popularity is such that our neighbors would sooner follow the advice of a one-legged hop-toad.

Although the people he seeks to unite are all Orlanthi, there are great differences between them. I do not think even a Heroquest can succeed here.

Supporting a heroquest is like joining a war; one must balancy the possibility of great reward with the certainty of great risk.

If we enlist our neighbors and Kangharl succeeds, they will be grateful. If he fails, they will blame us for involving them.

I have nothing to add.

If helping Kangharl robs us of our fertility for the year, we will starve.

Our magic is weak. We would only hinder him.