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Part 139: Dragonewt Husk

We're spending quite a bit more than I'd like on this because several of you insisted on me using a lot of our wealth to make sure this works. But is the shrine worth it?

Well, I'm honestly not a fan of this shrine, for reasons I'll get to in a bit.

First of all, none of the blessings are maintained by the shrine itself. We have to manually sacrifice for them, which means wasting a turn and a bunch of cows on them each time we want a blessing. At least the shrine itself is cheap.

As for what the blessings do:
-Listening Wind helps us when we maneuver during raids(which is nice except for the part where we only do that on defense, and that gives us a bonus to maneuvering anyway).
-Knowing Wind "keeps a watchful eye on the activities of our foes and rivals"(although it's been so long since I've bothered with this shrine that I forget what that actually does).
-Understanding Wind "helps all worshippers of Orlanth and Vinga." Yes, the wording is exactly that vague in-game.

In other words, the only one that might be helpful is Listening Wind. And maybe Knowing Wind if any of you have any idea what the hell it does. At least we'll get pretty wind socks on our tula next sacred time.

But enough of me grumbling about this. Let's see if we're cursed!

Our bad luck isn't bad enough to count as a curse. Sorry guys!

Now let's send Kulbrast very far NW in an attempt to make Lhankor Mhy happy.

Explorers from your clan find the body of a dragonewt warrior lying in a stream bed just inside the boundaries of your tula. Some of them have heard that it is possible to make magical armor from the hide of a dragonewt. However, they don't want to touch or move the body without first seeking advice from the ring.

-Destroy the body.
-Give it to another clan.
-Leave it alone.
-Trade it to another clan.
-Try to make magical armor from its hide.

We're having trouble with some of our neighbors. We should improve relations by giving the body to one of them.

Dragonewts make all the other strange foreigners seem normal by comparison. (He's advising us to leave it alone.)

Remember what happened in the Dragonkill War.

We should ask twenty-five cows for it.

We should demand fifteen cows for it.

Dragonewt armor is difficult to make, but makes its wearer very powerful.