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Part 141: Looking At Young Nobles+A Vostangi Tries To Get Us To Defy Tradition

I demanded exactly as much compensation as the clan lawyer said we're owed, so no whining about it. I'm surprised I actually got to pick a form of payment(usually with legal cases the damages come in cattle), but I went with cows because we always need more of those.

And we got what we asked for. Horray for magic barbarian lawsuits!

Now for a bit of a tangent. Our ring is fairly solid as it is - we have a Renowned Leadership chief, a Heroic Combat warleader, and a Renowned Magic magician, with assorted other people decent in the less important skills. But our ring won't live forever - Beneva is closest to the grave, but everyone else is in their late 40s except for Brandgor(who is exactly 40), Jarolar(who's 34) and Elmalandti(who's 54). Knowing who the potential replacements are could be handy, especially if you guys decide to boost their stats by various means(aka "heroquesting a lot").

I'm only going to cover the replacements for Leadership, Bargaining, Combat, and Magic because nobody really gives a shit about the Animals and Plants nobles & our Bargaining and Custom guys are young enough to stick around for a while yet.


Kulbrast is in the awkward position of being the best at both Bargaining and Combat out of all the nobles not currently on the ring - he's third best at bargaining, and second best(!) at combat, despite his young age. This combination of skills makes him an excellent explorer, which is I've been sending him out so much. Combat helps drive away bandits, while bargaining helps with many of the events produced by visiting various places. If we were to put him on the ring later, he'd be acting as warleader since warleading(which involves staying at the tula) and trading(which involves not staying at the tula) aren't really compatible.

Harvar is second best at this, followed by Minara(some Ernalda worshipper who's only real skill is Leadership), Elmalandti, and Dorasa.

The best Elmali leader who's not Jorator is this guy, sitting way down at 6th best Leadership. He also continues Jorator's fine tradition of having no notable skills except leadership. We could easily boost his leadership with The Making of the Storm Tribe, however. Or we could just let Harvar take over if Jorator dies first. Whichever.

Harvar is also second best at Magic, because Harvar's just plain awesome. Third best is this lady:

Her magic isn't anywhere near as impressive as Elmalandti's(who is at Renowned) or Harvar's(who is Excellent), and she's on the older side, but she can also be buffed by heroquesting. Many quests improve Magic, but the easiest for her would probably be Chalana Arroy Heals The Scars.

Fourth best is Kulbrast. The game decided to make him really good at lots of different things for some reason.

We won't be voting on any of this right now, but you'll want to keep these guys in mind later on, particularly during Sacred Time & Heroquest voting.

Most of our weaponthanes are off escorting Kulbrast on his exploration/that one lady on her pilgrimage, so I hire more just in case trolls attack.

Ugh. Fight them off or something.

Lhankor Mhy's gonna be pissed since none of our explorations actually completed, isn't he?

Oh look, trolls attacked.

Oh look, the trolls were slaughtered with no losses on our side.

Lhankor Mhy has a bunch of cool blessings that help in legal cases and with our dealings with other clans. We should learn at least one of them.

We learned the divine blessing of reading. Go us!

Uraldesta, the senior Ernalda priestess of the Vostang clan, comes to tell you of a great deed she has done. She convinced the rest of her clan to free all of their thralls, making them free Vostangi. "Everyone said that we would be worse off, but the former thralls now work much harder, and we are better off. I am here to spread this glorious news, in hopes that you will do the same, and reap the same benefit."

-Conduct a divination.
-Free your thralls.
-"We will consider what you have said."
-"You should not meddle in our business, priestess."
-Politely refuse her.
-Appease ancestral spirits, then free the thralls.

Our relations with her clan are poor; we should not make matters worse by insulting her.

Some Orlanthi keep thralls, while others shun the practice.

Freeing them would show great generosity.

The carls are already unhappy. Insulting this meddler will cheer them up.

Her eyes burn with the zeal of the converted. She wiill make trouble for us unless we immediately heed her request.

The carls are already unhappy. They will complain bitterly if we free the thralls.

If we really want to free the thralls, we must sacrifice to our ancestors, who believed that it was right and good to keep thralls, and would otherwise be offended.