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Part 142: One Last Shot At Appeasing Lhankor Mhy

Did she really think we were going to listen to someone from a clan we were feuding with about this? Although I hope that "her fellows" means the Vostangi and not her fellow Ernalda priestesses, because we kind of want to stay on the crop goddess's good side. Either way, free magic point! The farmers were also bumped up from "uncertain" mood to "resolved", so we got the ever-elusive "happier carls" benefit as well.

This place is closer than the NW corner of the map and I've set the speed to the fastest, so maybe they'll get back in time to avoid pissing off Lhankor Mhy. Maybe.

I don't want the Vostangi to move away because we've raided them too hard, so I send a simple cattle raid their way instead.

Comforting the people and stopping evil omens with no effort on our part? Awesome.

Go Jarolor!

This is the second year in a row we've been sheep negative. However, hovering over the sheep on this screen, I see that they're actually overcrowded, presumably because we got so many more cows this year. Action #1 after Sacred Time is going to be increasing the amount of pasture land we have.

You know the drill: What are our goals for the year? We've stabilized the clan a lot, so our endless pursuit of cows isn't going to consume as much time as it used to.