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Part 145: Vostangi Beg For Mercy

Bulletfodder posted:

I agree with this when we're attacking. When they show up on our doorstep, though, that's tacit permission to murder their faces.
Fortunately, the only people we attack are the Vostangi. (and even then, I'm going to test out going for plunder or thralls next raid since most people wanted me to do one of those(with a nearly 50-50 split!) after weakening them by mass slaughter)

That's 22 Goods of loot gained and one obligation off our backs.

I chose not to invite the Wolves because we're outnumbering the Vostangi by ourselves, and raiding alone means more loot for us.

I also just go for plunder since that will give us even more loot at little risk(and we're likely to chop up a few Vostangi anyway), and I want to see how much more we actually get. The Vostangi have zero weaponthanes and less than 50 people in their fyrd.

The loot increase isn't actually as much as I thought it'd be, but whatever. It's also possible that we're taking so much of their shit that we're running out of stuff to steal.

Jarolor, go kiss and make up with the Squat Oaks.

A member of the Vostang ring named Ferena Earthkin and three weary weaponthanes approach the clan ring with an offer of one-tribe tribute. "We are tired of war," says Ferena. "We will give you 23 cows as a tribute, all we can afford, if you will stop from raiding us. We will also swear to the gods that we will not raid you."

-Demand more tribute than they have offered.
-Demand annual tribute. (Specify an amount of tribute)
-Take the tribute...then raid them! (note: It's Earth season!)
-"We will raid you whenever we feel like it."
-Accept the tribute and vow to leave them alone for a while.

We have them beat. There's no reason to let them off easy.

In matters of power, it is best to be direct.

Our gods require that we treat them with honor or with force. Not with deceit.

Has vengeance really been satisfied?

(is busy giving the Squat Oaks gifts)

If we are going to keep on raiding them, at least wait until the crops are in and the farmers are free to go.

We shouldn't just think of today. What can we get from them next year?

Note: We do have one other feud going on that we could switch our wrath to, but it's with a clan in a far corner of the pass that would be a pain in the ass to raid - raiding distant clans involves buying off at least one of the clans between you and them.