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Part 147: Enter Brenna

The Saurus posted:

Do we have calf blessing from uralda?
Yes we do. Calf Blessing is one of the first things I beeline towards in a new game, and this LP was no exception(and given how poor we were for most of it, we needed the help).

In a vote that didn't surprise me at all, we've decided to replace Beneva with Brenna. There were a couple votes to replace Jorator with Kulbrast, but I have no idea why since Jorator is the best leader in the clan and Kulbrast doesn't even rank. There was also a vote to kick out Dorasa since she got her position because of affirmative action, but she's actually grown to be the best at Animals out of all our nobles.

We've also decided to do Orlanth and Aroka for a treasure, so that's Storm Season planned out for us.

Incidentally, with Beneva gone, Harvar is now the ringmember best at plants, meaning that he gets to give us all of the "our plant magic failed for no apparent reason" messages now.

Godbothering time! Let's see if Barntar will give us Vigor(which will make our farmers more productive; Plowsong would be okay too, but we have a bigger farmer shortage than oxen shortage).

I've been going a bit lower than I usually do for sacrifices, but now that we've recovered it might be time for me to go back to offering 14+ cows/goods at a time to reduce annoyances like this.

Glendara, a prosperous carl of your clan, comes before you to complain that her prize stallion, Tempest, has been stolen. Although no one saw the theft, Glendara is certain that it was committed by the sons of Rangarda Dark-Eyes, a well-off carl of the Wolf clan. "Many times has she offered to buy that horse, and many times did I refuse her. It is the most beautiful stallion in all of Dragon Pass, and I would not let her have it. So she has ordered her sons to steal it."

-Launch a legal claim against Rangarda Dark-Eyes.
-Launch a raid against the Wolf clan.
-Offer her compensation.
-Persuade her to forget the matter.
-"This is not a matter for the clan."

Of all our neighbors, our relations with the Wolves are the strongest. We cannot allow a minor matter such as this to mar them.

Without proof, our case is weak. We are not obligated to make this a clan matter.

It would not be smart to fight them now.

Tempest was a fine stallion, but he is not worth fighting over.

Rangarda Dark-eyes did come here many times to offer to buy the stallion; she may well have ordered her boys to steal it.

Although the other carls admire her wealth and success, Glendara's family has always held itself at a remove from the rest of our clan.

This could cause trouble between our clans. (He's recommending compensating Glendara, despite his "no shit, sherlock" advice)