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Part 155: Glendara Again

The votes are in, and we're getting some bread.

Splendorbread: Part of a complete magic breakfast.

Glendara's sons and daughter recovered the stolen stallion Tempest. They found him in a hidden cave on the Wolf tula, where they fought off the sons of Rangarda Dark-Eyes. One of the defenders, named Norpent Rangardasson, was slain, and another badly hurt. But justice has been served, for Glendara's prize horse is hers again, and her honor is restored.

-Praise Glendara.
-Scold Glendara.
-Send gifts to the Wolves, to placate them.
-Take no action.

We must stop this from turning into a feud. It will be easier to placate our Wolf friends than to convince strong-willed Glendara she was wrong to do this.

Glendara was within her rights to do what she did. There is no cause to scold her.

If Randgara's family is proud, they will seek vengeance against Glendara's family.

Some of the carls are worried that this will lead to a costly series of reprisals. Others admire her and support what she did.

When the Rain Cauldron was stolen, King Oskul's carls came to him for aid. He said, "Do what you must, but I have shed enough blood for seven kings, and will kill no more."

I'm not sure about this.

Glendara is going to get us in trouble!