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Part 156: Tusk Riders

Trading, exploration, blessings, and raiding the shit out of the Vostangi are our goals.

As I thought, the clan mood got better with our heroquest success. At this point it's mostly time that will allow mood to get better...well, time and not getting many more shitty events dropped on our doorstep. Bad events like zombies/cthulu tank clan mood a lot just by getting them, even if you resolve them well. But we've ran out of zombies and cthulus...I hope.

Also, Elmalandti is old now. He has several years left in him, but seeing him grey-haired and wrinkly-faced still makes me sad.

I boost the fuck out of rye production but don't get a shot of that because who really gives a fuck.

Objective A: More food; achieved by selling off spare horses.

Objective B: Sending Beneva as far away from us as possible.

I'm not sure exactly how much wealth is wasted if you use some of it to pay off bandits, but it's better to lose some wealth than to risk having your trader injured for several turns(or to lose your entire caravan!).

We got a good amount of food anyway.

A small group of Tusk Riders raids your tula. They break into a stead and steal some stored food.

-Do nothing.
-Offer to pay Tusk Riders to attack another clan.
-Offer tribute to the Tusk Riders.
-Sacrifice to the god for aid against Tusk Riders.
-Send a war party to hunt for Tusk Riders.

If the best way to rid ourselves of Tusk Riders is to divert them to another enemy, we should send them against the Vostangi, who hate us anyway.

I can't believe they - didn't we - what about increasing - increasing - I hate Tusk Riders!

Send at least ten warriors to kill Tusk Riders, and at least five to bargain with them.

We are too poor to pay tribute, or to sacrifice.

Tusk Riders are easy to out-bargain, except for the fact that they are easily tempted to violence.

Tusk riders are half human, half troll, and all nasty.

Sacrificing to Orlanth or another war god will strengthen our clan magic. Then we can attack the Tusk Riders, and have a good chance of winning.