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Part 157: Sheep Illness

I've updated the OP with notes of which clans neighbor us. We have a large, oddly shaped tula, so we have many neighbors!

Horray for free yearly cows! We got our first payment immediately.

Without a new target plainly in sight, I spend the rest of Fire on a cattle raid.

More free cows!

There actually is stuff you can get from the Stinking Forest other than death and injury, we just haven't found it yet. Alas, Beneva still survives.

Many of the sheep are sick. The carls are worried that the disease spirits will grow stronger and infest the healthy animals. They figure that 230 sheep have the disease right now.

-Destroy the diseased animals.
-Sacrifice to Nevala, the sheep mother.
-Send for Nevala priestesses from other clans.
-Send for shamans to drive away the disease spirits.
-Seperate the diseased sheep from the healthy ones.

The cottars will take it hard if we don't try to heal the sheep.

Just as Uralda is the bountiful cow mother, Nevala is the ewe goddess.

After this is over, we should replenish our herds by raiding a clan with lots of sheep, like the Taralings.

They may not come, but we should ask Nevala priestesses to help us. They will know best.

I can find shamans to drive away the disease spirits.

Our magic won't help us now.

It is sensible to appeal to Nevala; shamans might get rid of the bad spirits, but they won't be able to cure the sheep that are already affected.