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Part 158: Dragonewt Returns

A fairly hefty sacrifice(without sending us to the poorhouse again), since we kind of need our sheep to maintain our temples(and to build new ones!). Hell, the 200+ sick is already a SHITLOAD of sheep.

...well, 57 sheep saved is better than no sheep saved. The amount Nevala heals in this event seems to come down to luck; often she'll heal only a portion, which is still better than nothing.

Time to get another trading route going. I don't think there's a huge difference in what clan you pick for routes(except for the ones known for aggressive pursuit of trade, maybe), so I pick the Woodpeckers at random. Hey, might as well continue the animal theme we have going with our allies/trading partners.

Fuck offffff.

The horse-spawn are still kind of nasty to fight against. If only we had a treasure that helped us against horse riders...

Beneva, you're an Odaylan. Use your tracking skills to find the things I know are left on our tula.

A dragonewt appears at your boundaries and demands the return of his old body. "You have something of mine," it hisses. "My old body. Come here to recover it. Give now - both of us avoid entanglement."

-Attack the dragonewt.
-Offer it compensation instead of the body.
-"We don't have your body."
-"We have it, but we're not going to give it to you."
-Let the dragonewt have its old body.
-Insist that it compensate you for the body.

We must not offend the gods of the dragonewts.

How would we feel if we learned that the dragonewts were desecrating the corpses of our kin?

We might beat a lone dragonewt. But then other dragonewts might come and...well, remember what happened in the Dragonkill war.

If we kill this one, we can make magical armor out of it.

(is busy trying to set up a new trade route)

Tell it that we gave it to the Taralings. That'll show them.

Our magic is weak compared to the dragonewt's.