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Part 160: Revolt

One dead thrall, coming right up.

And now it's time for Jarolor to make with the food.

Your thralls have risen up against you. They have captured several of your carls, and are now advancing on your clan hall, torches at the ready.

Maybe we should have traded 13 thralls away last event instead of ignoring Jorator's clear warning.

-Attack them without mercy.
-Convince them to surrender.
-Evacuate the clan hall.
-Offer them gifts if they agree to leave your lands peacefully.
-Try to drive them off.

We will be humiliated if mere thralls burn down our clan hall. (He's advising attacking without mercy)

They do not care that they break the law, for the law does not favor them. (He's advising driving them off.)

Although it is riskier to fight without quarter, it is the only way to recapture them.

We shouldn't have treated them so harshly.

(continues to be away doing trade stuff while bad things happen to the rest of the clan.)

The people will understand that we must abandon the clan hall.

It is less humiliating to give them something than it is to have something taken from us.