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Part 161: Free Food

Our population just went from 695 to 670, so that's a lot of dead thralls. In fact, we're down to a mere 8 thralls now! On the bright side, the farmers are happy for a change.

We're severely short on farmers, so I recruit some vagabonds. If only there was a "sacrifice children to the gods" option...

Look closely at the dialogue, specifically, what was traded for the food. Jarolor is so awesome that he got 40 bushels of food for free.

We're not the only one the Tusk Riders are harassing this year, it seems.

Oof, losing all those sheep stings. Depending on how next year looks, we may want to consider tearing down some of our temples to prevent a sheep death spiral(although the one to those stupid Kero Fin spirits is the only one that's not being too useful right now; we might be able to get away with tearing down the one to Tarad Riel, too). Too bad there's no way to directly trade for sheep.

Ooo, there's an omen I like.

What are our goals for the year?