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Part 162: Thief

I'm going to laugh my ass off if we do Lhankor Mhy Finds The Truth and it turns out that Brandgor's forgetfulness is just how he is.

And since someone asked, the farmer shortage is mostly because we have so much farmland, but we do still need some extras to make sure we can feed ourselves. Having more children than farmers is almost always a bad thing!

Jorator, don't give Brenna any ideas.

Time to try setting up that trade route again.

Carls catch a man trying to sneak into a stead at night. He wears the insignia of clan Woodpecker. He identifies himself as Gordangar. Housed in the stead were a number of valuable items, including the Bullroarer.

-Beat him, then let him go.
-Kill him.
-Let him go.
-Ransom him back to the Woodpeckers.
-Take him as a thrall.

His clan is trouble and always has been.

He did not give the proper greetings, and clearly meant to take from us. We can dispose of him as we want. (That means killing him, apparently. )

A thrall is easy to take but hard to keep. (Also advising death.)

If we ransom him, we can turn theft into advantage.

(Is out making me look foolish by setting up a trade route with the clan that just decided to try to steal our stuff. Extra fun fact: The Woodpeckers are the ones we sold Eurmal's Shield to way back then, so we'll have to deal with them at least one more time if you guys want it back!)

He was trying to steal our cows! (Also advising death. Apparently our ring has had enough of other people's bullshit, because jesus.)

If, in an emulation of our ancestors, we take him as a thrall, our clan magic will benefit.