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Part 163: Murder

WhitemageofDOOM posted:

Having no feuds hurts our diplomacy and war magic.
We technically do have another feud going on, it's just with a clan at a far end of the pass who's never bothered us since we moved in. ...not much of a feud, is it?

Anyway, enslavement it is!

I bet you'd be even unhappier if you were dead. Meanwhile, we're happier because we got 2 magic out of this.

Time to see if Beneva can dig up anything else on our tula.

Brodasart, son of the prosperous carl Glendara, has been slain in an ambush. Friends, who were with him when he was attacked, report that the assailants were relatives of Rangarda Dark-Eyes of the Wolf clan.

-Compose a poem in honor of Brodasart.
-Encourage Glendara to swear off vengeance.
-Raid the Wolf clan. (Note: It's Sea Season, most of our weaponthanes are away protecting explorers/traders, and the Wolves are our allies!)
-Sacrifice to the gods in honor of Brodasart.
-Take no action.
-Warn Wolf leaders that more killing may follow.

Although it would be good to maintain strong relations with the Wolves, it would be bad to injure the feelings of our own people. (He's recommending a poem.)

Glendara is within her rights to pursue vengeance. The people will be unhappy if we try to convince her to forswear these rights.

We must become stronger before we can challenge the mighty Wolves.

The carls were once worried that Glendara would start a feud, but Brodasart was a popular fellow, and now they are hungry for vengeance.

(Is still away trying to set up that trade route.)

The theft of the Rain Cauldron brought great misery to King Oskul's people. They begged him to pick up his sword again, the one he had used to slay Bad King Urgrain.

It is at times like this that our thoughts must turn to the gods, who were the first to experience the pangs of loss, and thus laid the way for the rest of us.