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Part 164: Yinkin Cultists

Discontent is always spreading throughout our tula, so pfft.

mumble mumble useless mumble

We can't raid the Vostang this year without breaking our oaths(and breaking oaths is a Very Bad Thing), so I send out a raid to the Blue Jays. They're already in a tribe, so we don't have to worry too much about keeping them happy. They also don't like us too much anyway, so we have nothing to lose!

We're very slightly outnumbered, but we have courage/Truesword/murdersword on our side.

You're a leader! Lead us to victory!

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Also, our sheep/food situation apparently isn't too bad, since your warriors will take either one of those along with the regular loot if your stores are getting critically low.

Devotees of the cult of Yinkin, god of alynxes, have an offer to make to you. "We have noticed that the woods around your tula are infested with many types of rodents, including a type which is very susceptible to spirits of disease. If you want to give us something in return, we can perform a ritual which will improve the hunting abilities of your alynxes. They will kill these forest-dwelling rats, freeing you from the risk of disease."

-Let them share in your clan magic.
-Offer them alynx kittens.
-Offer them goods or livestock.
-Refuse their offer.
-"We'll owe you a favor."

The cult of Yinkin is very small, and has little influence.

Although he is a cat, Yinkin is Orlanth's brother, and son of the mountain goddess Kero Fin.

The fewer fighters fall prey to disease, the better chance we'll have of prevailing during raids.

The forest is full of rats, and the dirty creatures are infested with disease spirits. We have some fine kittens to trade.

Any asking price can be bargained down.

Alynxes are disloyal; Eurmal was a better companion to Orlanth than Yinkin ever was.

Their magic will last for many seasons.