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Part 165: LARP Time

whowhatwhere posted:

Next time this comes up, could you just offer kittens before opening it up to the thread? There's literally no downside to it so it's effectively the same as us telling you to increasing rye during a bad harvest year.
Good point. Kittens for all!

Our kittens are still shining examples of kitten beauty.

I use the second half of Fire to sacrifice for Vigor. Having more productive farmers in time for the harvest is important, but I'm not sure we have enough sheep for a shrine.

Whoops. Hope the Woodpeckers don't mind our enthrallment of him that much. (although that makes me wonder why thralls taken in war don't run away this easily. Is it just that they've seen firsthand how much we can kick their asses?)

After that, it's Earth season. Since we seem to not be panicking about Brandgor having Alzheimer's anymore, pick a heroquest for us to do! I'll do it in the appropriate season(which is Storm or Dark for most of them), I'm just asking now in case we decide to do Ernalda's quest.

Humakt The Champion. Possible rewards include strengthening the quester, defending against undead, reconciling the weaponthanes, obtaining a treasure, and bestowing Humakt's blessing upon our battles. We already have Humakt's Sword from this.

Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars. Possible rewards include healing the sick/wounded(not needed, since we have no wounded people and single-digit sick), mending a rift in the clan, making peace with a neighbor, making the quester wiser, or making our wounds heal faster in the future.

Elmal Guards the Stead. Possible rewards include strengthening our defenses, gaining fine horses, strengthening our leaders or the quester, warding against chaos, or reconciling the weaponthanes.

The Making of the Storm Tribe. Possible rewards include gaining Orlanth's blessing for tribe-making, improving our reputation or political abilities, and making the quester a strong leader.

Orlanth and Aroka. Possible rewards include bringing rain, strengthening our clan or the quester, making dragonewts fear us, or bringing back a treasure. We already got Splendorbread from this.

Ernalda Feeds The Tribe. Rewards include bringing back a (useless) treasure, increasing crop yield, making peace with the elves, making our cows healthy, reconciling the farmers, and strengthening the quester.

Lhankor Mhy Finds The Truth. Rewards include learning new myths, making our quester or the leaders wise, fighting darkness(whatever the hell that means), defending against chaos, or "learning more about dragon pass"(revealing more of the map, in reality).