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Part 166: Brat

Vaga42Bond posted:

The Blue Jays belong to the Colymer Tribe. They've been in the pass since the beginning of the game. We can't get them into any possible tribe anyway.
Pretty much this. Stop panicking, other clans won't rush to form tribes(Colymar aside) until we make one, we still have plenty of time to form a tribe and finally make steps towards winning the game.

And it looks like we're doing Lhankor Mhy even though Brandgor got his head straightened out. Sounds good to me.

We haven't seen how the harvest turned out yet, but I want to trade for extra food anyway. Having a food buffer can only benefit us.

Oh hey, this event again, only the girl is named Enerin this time. (she also ran off to the Woodpeckers - I guess they really do make good warriors!) What are the odds of us getting two repeats in a row?

-Try to shove Enerin off on the Woodpeckers.
-Tell the Woodpeckers we'll owe them another favor for this.
-Convince Enerin our clan produces great warriors who can slaughter dozens of men without breaking a sweat. It also produces great warriors who aren't Harvar.
-Scold Enerin.
-"This isn't a matter for the ring."

Ring advice is the same as last time, except for Brenna:
She does not embarass us. We embarass ourselves, by fretting over such a minor matter.