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Part 167: Lhankor Mhy Finds The Truth 1

tonberrytoby posted:

btw. why haven't we funded a tribe yet?
We can't form a tribe until we max our reputation. Then we need to wait for a certain event to happen...

Hard to argue against our warriors when we have Harvar around.

I'm preparing to send out an emisarry to butter up the Undaroli(our fellow Elmal-lovers), and in an attempt to avoid sending out too much of our ring, I see that that's kind of difficult. Elmalandti and Harvar are good at way too many things.

I send out Kulbrast instead, since it's hard to fuck up giving gifts to people(and I want our ring members around when Dark comes).

Jarolor keeps the food rolling in.

It's Dark season, which means it's heroquest time!

20 Wolves came to help, and we're in it to make Brandgor stronger.

Since Brandgor has the charisma of a rock, I don't bank on him being able to convince the real Issaries to come along when he failed so hard at it last time. Jarolor can play the role of Issaries(befitting his role as best bargainer in the clan, as well as being an Issaries worshipper), and Harvar can murder everything as Urox(do I even have to explain this choice?). I saved before doing this quest, so I could theoretically go back and try to contact the actual gods if you guys wanted me to...but remember, we were really really bad at it last time.

Jarolor said that, although the god he'd sold the truth to was across the great water, he knew a special shortcut that would take Brandgor there by land. "The land is beset by all varieties of chaos beasts. You might enjoy cataloging them, Knowing One, but Harvar will enjoy killing them even more." And indeed, you encounter many types of chaos creatures, including broos, gorp, slimekin, ghouls, and krarshtkids. Finally, when travelling through a ruined city, the group is attacked by a gigantic chaos thing, one whos name can only be pronounced by the dead.

-Help Storm Bull fight the chaos thing directly.
-Lend magic to Storm Bull.
-Let Storm Bull fight alone.

The legends aren't terribly useful here. Just remember that although Harvar is incredible at fighting, he's not Storm Bull himself, so giving him a boost could be useful... I don't normally like to do "hinting" like this, but I am gonna be SO MAD if Harvar dies.