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Part 172: Orlundi Troubles

Scolding came into the lead as I was writing the update, but answering was in the lead when I started and it worked, so whatever.

Brandgor returns to the land of people, his quest a successful one. He was still wounded from the pain contest, but hardly noticed it in the excitement.

Brandgor knew more things, was wiser, and grew two inches taller.

Brandgor is now Renowned at Custom, making him a better(and taller) lawyer than ever.

And now it's Storm Season. I decide to dismantle the Wind Spirit shrine because I'm never going to remember to cast those blessings when left to my own devices; goons are terrible at remembering any of the blessings we have, let alone ones not associated with one of our gods, so I doubt the shrine will be missed(assuming half of you even remembered we had it ). Those 5 sheep a year could go towards a much better shrine.

Warriors of the Orlundi clan burst into the stead of Asborn, one of your prominent carls. They beat him severely and slash him with their swords. They also hurt his wife, Jenesta, when she tries to intervene. They flee before other defenders can be roused to fight them. Jenesta says they are taking vengeance on Asborn for beating one of their clan-mates after a drunken meeting in the forest lands outside your tula.

-Encourge Asborn to sponsor poetic revenge.
-Encoursage Asborn to sponsor violent revenge.
-Launch a legal claim against the attackers.
-Launch a punitive raid against the Orlundi clan.
-Persuade Asborn to forswear vengeance.

Although the people want to see Asborn's attackers pay for what they have done, they will be satisified if we can convince Asborn to forgive their crimes. This will leave our good relations with the Orlundi intact.

(is busy saying words that should not be said in front of children and old women because of his wounds)

We aren't ready to smash them yet.

Orlanth undermined the Bad Emperor with scathing kennings. The Emperor heard Orlanth's verses sung by his birds and mooed by his cattle. This is why all the Emperor's minions helped Orlanth when he came to rescue Ernalda.

Left to his own devices, Asborn will pursue violent revenge.

This situation calls for the grey-beards. And the brown- and blond- and red-beards, too.

The Orlundi are not in our tribe, nor subject to our tribal laws. So we can hurt them as much as we want to. (It normally annoys me slightly when I see people using clan and tribe interchangably(though not enough to correct it whenever I see it), but Elmalandti just did it here. I guess you're all excused! Either that or he's going senile and thinks we ARE in a tribe.)