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Part 173: Year End

Shit like this is probably one of my favorite parts of KODP. You're a bunch of magical viking barbarians, and one of the most effective forms of revenge is poetry.

Also, fun fact I didn't know until now: There is literally no point to maintaining the Wind Spirit shrine. You can sacrifice to them anyway, and none of their blessings can be maintained by the shrine! All you're getting for your cows/goods/sheep is some wind socks on your tula at Sacred Time; the game won't even let me re-build the shrine since it doesn't do anything. The same applies to all of the secret shrines you can get by exploring various areas(minus the "no rebuilding the shrine" since they all have blessings their shrines can maintain), this is just the most worthless shrine of the bunch.

Time to see if we can dig up the last bits of stuff on our tula.

Another trade good for the pile.

These guys again? Well, we curbstomped them last time, and we outnumber them slightly, so a bit of magic and maneuvering will do the trick...

Dammit, I didn't spend two magic on this battle to lose! Maybe I should have taken the bullroarer for a test drive, though knowing our luck, it would have broken(and I'd rather be able to use it against the much more dangerous Horse-Spawn).

Okay, we're definitely going to have to cut back on a couple shrines to prevent a sheep death spiral.

With Brandgor still out of comission, we can spend less on Diplomacy and Mysteries than usual. But we're going to get extra cows this year, so it more than balances out. We've also obtained the highest reputation possible, so we might start seeing certain events this year...

What are our goals for the year? We have enough of everything to be stable now, but since when are we satisfied with just "enough"?