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Part 174: Prophecy

Year-plan: FRIENDS. (except for the Vostangi and Blue Jays)

Our sheep situation isn't dire, so there's no pressing need to burn down all the shrines yet. Brenna also has some wise advice for us.

Step one of Operation Friends: Buttering up the Squat Oaks, since a couple people mentioned really wanting to be friends with them to make peace with the trolls(spoilers, but so many people have spoiled that by now that ).

Jarolor gets back in record time. I think he's starting to walk faster so he can get to the inevitable "you gave us a bunch of gifts? awesome!" party faster.

There's still a couple things left to find on the tula. Get to it, Beneva.

Free treasure to help fights against the trolls? You shouldn't have!

Einarth Milk-Eyes, an old man from a faraway clan, comes to visit you. He is renowned as a prophet. "I see the form of a kingdom in the mists before me. I see its beginning, a tribe grown on this tula's lands. I see glory ahead - but there is a shadow, a dark space where I would expect to see the light of the tribe-making quest glowing brightly."

-Perform the "Making of the Storm Tribe" heroquest, where Orlanth and Ernald from this first tribe. (note: This is a FREE HEROQUEST . We're guaranteed to at least get into the god realm(even though we spent no magic in Quests and just heroquested last year), and can quite possibly succeed since we have a good noble(Elmalandti) to send on it and a large pile of reserve magic(which always helps when questing). The Making of the Storm Tribe is also one of the easier heroquests in the first place. That said, we don't have to do it now(especially since we've only recently stabilized our economic situation), and I'm not sure how much our recent heroquest+lack of Quest spending will hurt it.)
-Gift Einarth.
-Ignore the prophecy.
-Offer him a place in your clan.
-Wait until you are strong enough to attempt the "Making of the Storm Tribe" heroquest. (note: this would make this a not-free heroquest, bound by normal heroquesting rules like "spend magic in Quests at sacred time" and "wait two years since your last quest.")

A bold prophecy calls for bold actions. We must heroquest as soon as possible.

We will succeed at the quest, and I will be ready to say the laws when we become a tribe.

We are strong enough to be a clan to contend with.

We are wealthy enough to sponsor a tribe, if we can succeed at the heroquest.

After we win the quest, I relish the chance deal with all the other clans during tribe-making. (Jarolor is so excited he forgot proper grammar, like the word "to".)

Send me to do this heroquest! I can set everyone to fighting, so that they will be weak, and we will be strong.

Keep our trickster out of trouble until Sacred Time - when we can allot magic to quests and so succeed at this mission.