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Part 175: Making Of The Storm Tribe 1

The "QUEST NOW"s have it! As do the "send our awesome wizard to quest"s!

The Wolves refused front-row seats to our tribal-making glory. Harumph. We get a choice of rewards, surprisingly, but the whole reason we're doing this quest is tribe-making, so we're going to get Orlanth's blessing for that. we get Orlanth's blessing anyway, vote for one of the other rewards listed in the first image of the update.

Elmalandti enters the realm of the gods, where he begins to feel the restlessness of Orlanth, because the Emperor is strong and denies Orlanth's proper place in the world. Ernalda tells Elmalandti that the Emperor's advantage over Orlanth is his tribe; if he is to challenge the Emperor, Elmalandti must also make a tribe. Elmalandti goes wandering, considering her words, until the Doubting Wheel rolls up. It tells Elmalandti not to make a tribe. "If you put yourself above all the others, you will be just as bad as the Emperor. The people will expect you to tell them what to do, and in doing so they will steal your own freedom, which is the thing you value most."

-Catch the Doubting Wheel in a net.
-Go find Yinkin.
-"I will catch you, and my wife will make you into soup."
-"I will not be bad like the Emperor, for freedom is my essence."
-Leave the realm of the gods.
-Pound the Doubting Wheel with a fist.
-Roll the Doubting Wheel away.
-"You cannot stop the Storm Tribe, just as you cannot stop a storm."

The legends may be useful here.