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Part 178: Making Of The Storm Tribe 4

ATTN: Cube.

Is there anything the threat of a lawsuit can't do?

Elmalandti finds his unruly, violent brother Vadrus, who heads the Hurt Everything Clan. Vadrus wants to go fight Yinkin's Cat Clan. "Yinkin scratched me, and some of my essence leaded out onto the ground. I cannot allow assaults on my person to go unavenged, so Yinkin must suffer my wrath."

-Find other clans instead.
-"I challenge you to a contest of strength."
-"I would sooner see you harmed than Yinkin."
-"If we had a tribe, you could punish him without hurting him."
-Leave the realm of the gods.
-"We need Yinkin to join our tribe."
-"Yinkin is our brother."

The legends may be useful here.