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Part 181: Humakti Warriors

Elmalandti returns to the land of mortals, his quest a successful one. Our wise people got wiser, and everyone knew we had the favor of Orlanth, and that our words should therefore be heeded.

Great warriors of the death god Humakt assemble in your clan hall to petition you for help. "Vostang explorers found a nest of walking corpses while exploring to the east. It is our duty to Humakt to wipe out these beings, which are anathema to him. It is your duty as good people of Dragon Pass to help us, for all of us benefit when the undead are slain."

-Give them hospitality.
-Let them share in your clan magic.
-Refuse them.
-Sacrifice to Humakt on their behalf.
-Send warriors.

We can spare a few warriors for a brief expedition against the undead.

Humakti are known for their strict code of honor; they favor bluntness over flattery, truth over soothing words. (He's advising sharing our clan magic.)

Do not refuse them.

We can afford to sacrifice.

There is no bargaining with a Humakti. They know what they want, and that is that.

Humakt was once Orlanth's brother, but he severed his kinship ties in order to take charge of the thing called Death.

Our clan magic is strong; we can afford to share of it.