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Part 182: Angry Wildcats

The only person who gave a number said 7, so that's good enough for me! We can hire more once we're out of the event anyway.

14 is enough for clan defense, and raiding wasn't high on our priority list this year, so this is good enough for now.

At least it would be if our patrols/allies/Tarad Riel would actually notice invaders before they're on our doorstep! I decide to test out the bullroarer here since we need any help we can get.

Naturally, the bullroarer breaks the first time we use it, just as the Earthshakers died the second time we used them and just as I'm sure the anti-troll bagpipes will break the first time we use them. I'm sure that Humakt's Sword would have broken long ago if it was able to break, since our clan is highly unfavored by the dread god Arengee. (seriously though, this is getting ridiculous. Most breakable battle treasures usually last more than one or two battles!)

Then the Horse-Spawn show up to taunt me for breaking the bullroarer. Good thing they can't seem to take any route that doesn't let the Wolves spot them and warn us about it.

Why do we let anyone who's not Harvar fight, again?

We lost(again, despite having a bunch of advantages this time), but at least the Horse-Spawn suffered more casualties than we did.

More weaponthanes! More! We can't afford to get back on a losing streak!

And with the return of these guys, we're up to 20. We clearly can't trust treasures, tactics, or magic to let us win, so we'll have to make up for it in sheer numbers.

Angry hunters from the Wildcat clan roughly return Kenstrel, one of your carls. "This thief was hunting on our land!" they cry. "By Odayla's hawk-eyed bow, we demand compensation, and assurances that this will not happen again."

-Offer them assurances only.
-Offer them compensation and assurances.
-Offer them compensation only.
-Refuse them.

Our relations with the Wildcats are already bad. Let's not worsen them.

Kenstrel is clearly in the wrong. Offer them seven cows and be done with it.

Don't make promises we're not prepared to keep.

Their rich hunting grounds are tempting, especially in hard times. We cannot guarantee that another carl will not one day go there of his own accord.

They are very angry.

What's a little poaching between friends?

As worshippers of Odayla, they take hunting more seriously than any other clan. This may seem to be a minor matter, but it is central to their traditions.