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Part 183: Fleeing Thrall

Here, take your legally mandated compensation as determined by our bearded attorney and go away.

Welp. Half again as much is only 3 more goods(the game rounded down here), so I went for that so we're not wasting time voting over such a trifling amount of stuff.

Then I send them even more goods since people seem interested in appeasing an in-name-only connection to the last LP. It's slightly more interesting than picking a neighboring clan at random for our diplomacy-year efforts, anyway.

"Shit, we get stuff from these guys as compensation for one of their dumbasses hunting on our land, and then they send us even MORE stuff? They're the best!"

Next on the gift basket list: The Squat Oaks.

Oh sweet, a part of this event chain we don't need to vote on.

Why do we never get the cowardly bandits who run away as soon as you start swinging at them, or the ones so weak that your warriors chop through them like deer, or the ones who are kind of tough but can be handled by 4-5 weaponthanes? No, it's always the wizard bandits or the experienced warrior bandits. And if I send away large amount of weaponthanes, the Horse-Spawn conveniently attack right then. Maybe it's time to propitiate dread RNG.

A thrall owned by the Hillhaven clan stumbles onto your clan lands begging for help. "We realize that it is our lot in life to serve," he says, "but we can no longer serve the Hillhavens, who mistreat us terribly. Even a thrall can take only so much injustice before he must rise up, and strike a blow for freedom." It transpires that this thrall, Sartark, incited a rebellion on the Hillhaven tula. He and his fellow thralls killed several Hillhavens and fled to the woods. Outraged Hillhaven thanes are now pursuing them, seeking vengeance.

-Convince the Hillhaven thanes to abandon their pursuit.
-Offer to buy the rebellious thralls from the Hillhavens.
-Seize Sartark and return him to the Hillhaven tula.
-Send a war party to fight the Hillhaven thanes.
-Tend to Sartark's wounds, but help him no further.
-Turn Sartark away.

If we help Sartark, we offend the Hillhavens, who have been friendly towards us of late. If we capture Sartark, they will be grateful to us.

Our people have always supported the taking of thralls. We should seize Sartark and return him to the Hillhaven tula.

Normally, it would cost us a mere five cows to buy each thrall, but since they need to be captured to be of any use, we can get them for far less.

There is no problem that cannot be solved with a liberal gift of cows. (She means buying the thralls, which doesn't seem like a gift to me, but whatever.)

(is busy being injured. How injuries prevent a ring member from giving advice is still a mystery.)

It will cost us a mere ten cows to buy each thrall.

If we act in accordance with the traditions of our clan ancestors, our magic will be strengthened.