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Part 184: Prophet's Return

We got 3 free magic and 10 free goods out of this. Awww yeah.

We just barely missed having enough food to feed everyone. Nothing a little bit of trading won't fix.

Having Bless Crops would be really, really, useful, so fingers crossed!

We get the worst blessing instead. Bless Children increases the number of nonproducting mouths you have to feed, just in case you wanted to do that for some inscrutable reason.

The renowned prophet Einarth Milk-Eyes, who hails from a distant clan, returns. "A great kingdom I see before me. Its foundation, a tribe built of this tula's timber. I see a union of opposites, a marriage to the Queen of Feathers. I see triumph, if these clan halls contain sufficient wit and bravery."

-End the feud with the Kardarvi clan. (If you have no idea who they are, that's because they're in a far corner of the pass and have never harassed us. We're only feuding with them because they were one of the two default feuds from the beginning of the game.)
-Gift Einarth.
-Ignore the prophecy.
-Immediately begin assembling a tribe.
-Offer him a place in your clan.
-Wait for a while, then assemble a tribe. (Say how many years to wait; the maximum is 5)

You heard the prophet! It is our destiny to lead!

Long have I studied the laws governing tribal obligations, in preparation for this day.

We are wealthy enough to sponsor a tribe.

A tribe? We left Heortland to escape the smothering grip of tribes!

(is still injured)

Feathers? Queen? Does some poor thane get to marry a duck?

I am confident that I can make the deals needed to create a tribe.