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Part 185: Duck Trouble

Unfortunately we can only do one thing here, so waiting it is!

We will hopefully be a wealthier clan and better friends with our neighbors three years from now.

And we will hopefully learn Bless Crops this time.

Or this can be like the time when I kept trying to get Healing and Chalana Arroy taught us literally everything else first. That works too. At least we'll have an additional boost to success if we decide to do this quest again.

One of your carls, Hofstaring, appears at the boundary of your clan lands, tied to the back of his horse. He's been tarred and feathered, and a leather "bill" has been attached to his face. When you get him cleaned up, he explains that he was assaulted while visiting kin among the Undaroli clan. "Voskandora, a thane of that clan, said that we are too friendly to the ducks," Hofstaring explains. "She said that the ducks are secretly servants of Delecti, the undead wizard who lives at the heart of the great swamp called the Upland Marsh. It is her mission to punish those foolish enough to fall in league with the ducks."

-Convince Voskandora that the ducks are foes to the undead.
-Do nothing.
-Encourage Hofstaring to pursue private vengeance against Voskandora.
-Launch a legal claim against Voskandora.
-Raid the Undaroli in retaliation for this insult.
-Raid the Marsh Ducks, to prove you are no duck-friends.

The Undaroli are fellow Elmal-lovers, and they're light purple(friendly) with us.

The ducks talk funny, but at least we can usually trust them. I'm not so sure about the Undaroli.

We have good cause to charge Voskandora with slander, but she is not in our tribe, so her clan can just ignore us.

The ducks are less of a threat than the Undaroli.

I have heard the rumors that Voskandora mentions, but have heard no proof that they are true.

(is STILL injured. What the hell did those bandits do to him?)

We have no redress in this situation; Hofstaring must seek his own vengeance.

I have dealt with the ducks, and they are no friends of the undead.