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Part 186: Gift Giving

Hey Undaroli, I think you missed the part where the ducks have kind of asked other clans to help them mercilessly slaughter the undead. (And goons, I'm disappointed that nobody commented on :horsestare:. Seriously, look at that fucking horse.)

Don't worry, Elmalandti will explain the details to you. (I'm assuming Jarolor isn't showing up on this screen because it just doesn't bother to show incapacitated nobles, unlike the ring selection screen. Either that or he really lied on his resume when we originally picked him to be clan trader.) I also get to pick a number of warriors to send with him, and go with 5. 5 is a nice number.

We got 5 goods out of this AND convinced other people that the ducks are awesome!

Now to try to get gifts to the Squat Oaks without bandits seriously injuring everyone involved.

This brings the Squat Oaks up to light purple with us, which means they officially like us.

In fact, while I'm thinking about it, here's a map of the current political situation in the pass. We've made a lot of progress in making our neighbors like us.

Let's make even more progress by buttering up the Orlundi.

Oh hey, time to test out those bagpipes.

Surprisingly, the bagpipes didn't break the first time we used them!

It's always nice to be on the good side of fierce death-warriors.

Comparing the sheep count to last year, we have indeed lost sheep. Better nip this in the bud by tearing down some of our less-useful shrines. (if our sheep get low enough our traders will get more in exchange for goods, but we want to be stockpiling wealth right now, not spending it.)

Awesome, just what we need. A bad harvest omen, coupled with a heroquest omen in a year right after we did a heroquest.

Time for our yearly goals!