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Part 188: Uralda Cultists

Now to get a bit of extra food to tide us over until Earth season. I considered doing Ernalda's heroquest now, but I think that's butting up a little too close to heroquesting twice within the span of a year(we did The Making of the Storm Tribe in the second half of sea last year!), and that carries a high risk of not being able to enter the godplane at all. Our food stores plus what we get from trade should be enough to last us until then, anyway.

Then I do a cattle raid to tide us over until the rest of our forces get back. I could have hired even MORE weaponthanes, but that's a bad idea when food is tight and you don't actually need more fighters - they eat more than other people, and they don't produce any food themselves.

And here's your duck fact for today.

After that, we get a 100% good event for once! The dread god Arengee must have gotten bored.

Cultists of Uralda, mother of cows, come to you and offer to perform a ritual to honor their goddess. The ritual will make your cows healthier and more fertile. Although they do so to honor Uralda, it is also clear that they want you to offer something in exchange for their ritual services.

-Accept their offer; tell them you owe them a favor.
-Allow them to perform the ritual, but offer them nothing.
-Do not allow the ritual.
-Offer them a share of your clan magic.
-Offer them gifts. (specify how many goods/cows to give them)

Many of them are from the Blackrock clan, which dislikes us. A generous gift will go some ways toward repairing the rift between our clans.

If we offer them nothing, they will walk away, offended.

Uralda is the bountiful cow mother, who brought her four-legged people into Ernalda's stead.

The carls are anxious for us to accept. Because the Uralda women are strengthening our herds, we can easily afford to give them cows in return.

Even if we offer them only one cow, they will still perform the ritual.

The carls are afraid that the ritual will fail, so that our herds will be worse off than before.

Our clan magic is weak; we should give them cows instead.