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Part 189: Bandits

A good compromise between the people on both ends of the scale.

There's still treasure on our tula! Go find it!

While exploring the southwest, your exploration party is attacked by a bandit gang led by a powerful shaman named Verlain. He captures a member of your party and demands an outrageous ransom of 10 cows worth of goods for the explorer Angorri, who is a carl.

No no, Kulbrast, I said to find treasure, not events I haven't seen before.

-Let Verlain keep Angorri.
-Offer five cows for his return.
-Pay what Verlain asks.
-Recruit warriors from other clans to join a war party against Verlain.
-Seek blessings of your clan spirits before fighting the shaman.
-Send a war party to liberate Angorri.

Our neighbors dislike us. They might be more willing to help Verlain than to help us.

The proper ransom for a fellow of Angorri's rank is five cows.

I have heard of this Verlain. He uses powerful magic. We cannot defeat him without help.

Better to lose a little wealth than risk our warrior's lives.

The clans are fed up with the rampant banditry in these parts. They will help us, if we ask them.

The carls pray for us to get Angorri back, but they're no match for a shaman themselves.

Our clan spirits can fight Verlain's spirits.