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Part 190: Tarsh Trader

Our neighbors may be useless, but the spirits are still with us! Pretty much nobody wanted to do anything except smash the bandits, so I go with doing that ourselves.

If it bleeds, Harvar can slaughter it. With help, though.

"With help" meaning "the other guys distract the mooks while Harvar kills the head honcho."

And with the coming of Earth season, it's heroquest time.

We've done this successfully once before so I'm just going to fast forward to the end like I did when we revisited the Humakt quest.

Horray for not starving!

Even our bad harvest wasn't too terrible; we can easily make up the 40 bushel shortage by trading with the ducks again. And the next few years should have bountiful harvests so I don't have to keep dealing with these messages.

Also, Ernalda is going to give us Bless Crops this time. There's nothing else you can possibly give us! There is no escape!

Naturally, we'll be making a shrine for this shit ASAP.

We're outnumbered? An excellent excuse to use those bagpipes.

A breakable treasure has lasted more than two battles. I'm scared of what the RNG must be plotting.

Shrine goes up so we starve less. Dorasa immediately pops up afterwards to go "well, sacrifices to Ernalda are nice and all, but we need more farmers." Screw you, Dorasa.

Duck food is the most delicious food. Let's go get some.

Vostor, a trader from the northern kingdom of Tarsh, is touring Dragon Pass in search of carls willing to leave their clans for farming oppportunities in his homeland. The carls of your clan listen to him with great interest. "There is much good land, ready for the taking. You will be safe from raids, and safe from the many inhumans, monsters, and foreigners who bedevil you here in Dragon Pass. Our king has declared that every new farmer who settles our lands will get a herd of 30 cows."

-Convince carls that there is a hidden catch to Vostor's offer.
-Convince carls that they will be cut off from their ancestors if they go.
-Encourage some carls to go.
-Forbid carls to go.
-Tell carls that they are free to go, but that you wish them to stay.

We must let them know that they are free, but also that we want them to stay.

Vostor is a cunning salesman; he exaggerates the benefits of his proposal.

Vostor's offer is tempting to many.

(is busy trading with some of the inhumans of Dragon Pass to get more food to feed the carls who are busy listening to Mr. Bowlcut up there)

When Bad King Urgrain lost the Chalice of Ernalda, his carls wished to desert him. He said he would hunt them down and kill them if they did. So they stayed, but plotted his downfall. (She's recommending saying they're free to go but that we want them to stay.)

Let me talk to the carls. I can explain to them that they will be cut off from the spirits of their ancestors if they go.