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Part 191: Year's End

Heren posted:

Bless Crops is great and will help a lot with food. Haifisch, if it's not too much to ask can we get a running tally of our shrines and temples during sacred time? They have a bad habit of being covered up by text and without being able to mouse over them we can't tell what blessings they are giving.
A list of shrines is one of those things I keep intending to make(especially since people will constantly ask "Do we have X blessing yet?" or "build a shrine to (god we already have a shrine for) and such), but I keep putting it off for some reason. I guess I have no excuse now!

Apparently Elmalandti is the one who did the convincing despite Brandgor being the one to point out that there was likely a catch in the offer. Oh well, what can't Elmalandti do?

And now for a list of the shrines we have, along with blessings available that we don't have shrines for. I'm going to edit this into the OP and hope that people remember that there's information there.

Barntar - No shrine. We know the Vigor blessing(lets our oxen work harder).
Chalana Arroy We know all her blessings, and have a shrine up running Curing(hastens recovery of the sick).
Elmal - We have a shrine providing Steadfast. We also know Sun(helps raise our crops. Maybe we should enlarge our shrine or switch it over to this?).
Ernalda - We know all her blessings, and have a shrine providing Bless Crops.
Humakt - We have a shrine providing Truesword(doubles weaponthan strength), and we also know Battle Luck(increases our chances of winning a battle).
Issaries - We have a shrine providing Silvertongue(helps our traders and negotiators).
Lhankor Mhy - We know Literacy(helps dealings with other clans)
Maran Gor - We have a shrine providing Earthblood(fertilzes our fields with the blood of everyone slain on defensive raids).
Orlanth - We have a shrine providing Rain(helps raise our crops). We also know Woad(reduces deaths and wounds among the farmers).
Tarad Riel - We have a shrine providing Watchfulness(helps our patrols).
Uralda - We have a shrine providing Calf Blessing.
Urox - We know Smite Chaos(does what it says on the tin) and Berserker(increases odds of victory, but causes more deaths and wounds on both sides).
Vinga - We know both her blessings, and have a shrine providing Fyrdwomen(allows women to defend the tula).
Wind Spirits - We can sacrifice to them for a variety of vague effects I never use.

Beneva's apparently the only person who can actually find things on our tula, so I send her out.

More DuckFacts(tm).

Man, this year flew by fast. I blame the low number of events combined with the fast-forwarded heroquest.

The omens indicate that we should start weaving welcome mats. Or forging welcome swords. Hard to tell which.

What are our goals for this year?