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Part 192: Spirit Talkers

Our conflicting goals for the year are accumulating wealth & making friends(which involves spending wealth), along with possibly buying a treasure(spending wealth) and making more shrines(spending wealth). Well, at least making friends hopefully means we don't have to spend as much on them to get them into a tribe later...

First thing's first: MORE CRAFTERS. I also assign them to work iron while I'm spending a turn on this screen.

Oh look, a delivery of horsespawn blood to water our fields.

Bah. Drive them off!

An option within an option? That almost never happens in combat! I have a bad feeling about this.

Man, why does Harvar never get combat events? I could just pick the "kill everything right now" option and it'd work. But no, we always get these random guys instead, and then they get flaming arrows to the stomach while the horse-spawn burn our defenses.

Shit, that's a lot of stolen horses.

Oh well. Time to get more farmers! I also switched the Chalana Arroy shrine over to Healing so the wounded from the battle aren't out for as long.

Two spirit-talkers seek audience with the ring to see if you have any need of their services. Spirit-talkers are Orlanthi, but they wander around in the wilderness, with ties to no single clan. The magic is a little different from the kind you are used to; they deal with spirits, not gods. They are Strangers, meaning they are not of your clan, but they can be trusted to follow normal customs and beliefs.

-"Begone! You are strange and weird!"
-"Heal our wounded."
-"Protect us from the undead."
-"Sell us a Spirit Fetch or two." (Say how many; they cost 15 cows each and you can usually buy up to three)
-"We need no spirit-talking, but we shall feed you."

Spirits are worthy of reverence, just as gods are. Gods are greater than spirits, that is all.

They are not quite like normal people, and not quite foreigners. We still owe them courtesy and hospitality.

A Spirit Fetch is a magical item that replenishes our magic after we use it up.

They are not quite like normal people, and not quite foreigners. (They're advocating telling them they're weird and to go away.)

They are sorcerers! Cast them out!

Spirit-Talkers aren't sorcerers or anything bad like that. They talk to spirits, including our own ancestor spirits.