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Part 193: Maran Gor Priestess

Heren posted:

First I believe Spirit Fetches are bought with goods and not cows ("cows worth of goods") and you show definitely buy as many as possible.
I was pretty sure of that too, but the game tends to use the term "cows" broadly when it comes to buying things and so do I.

They only have two fetches, but this just means we won't be bankrupting ourselves to buy them. The good news is that the game treats spirit fetishes like any other treasure for trading/event purposes, so we can easily use them in place of more expensive treasures for that stuff.

But enough about our goon-driven impulse buy. Time for a raid! The Blue Jays can't enter our tribe at all since they're already in the Colymar tribe, so they'll have to do while the Vostang are still paying tribute.

We're outnumbered, so I stack everything else in our favor as much as possible.

We already made back the goods cost of one fetch! We also got a shitload of cows and horses.

More hands to work in the fields arrive, although it's never enough.


Man, we really did a number on them last time. They have an entire four weaponthanes.

And then we earn back the cost of the second spirit fetch and then some, while getting even MORE cows.

We're still net positive on cows after this, so whatever. Dorasa bitches at me some more about not having enough farmers, but then we see a friendly face appear!

Arlesta, a priestess of Maran Gor, Mother of Earthquakes, pays you a visit. "You have done honor to Maran Gor, who is often not honored. Feared, yes; honored, no. It may be that we are prepared to give you a gift, should you continue to deserve such a thing."

-Ask Arlesta to be more specific about her gift.
-Gift Arlesta with rings and silver. (Specify how much, since I'm pretty sure this is one of those "how many goods do you give them" options)
-Invite Arlesta to preside over a sacrifice to Maran Gor.
-"The opportunity to pay homage to Maran Gor is gift enough."

The favor of Maran Gor may bring us power, but it will also make others fear us.

If we enter into an agreement with this terrible goddess, it must be one which we are sure we can keep.

The more Maran Gor's priestesses like us, the more powerful her gift will be.

Maran Gor is Ernalda's grim sister. She brings terrible destruction to those who incur the wrath of the Earth.

Arlesta's gift will not come without cost. If we refuse it, we must do so politely.

Maran Gor isn't so bad. Eurmal stole her skirt once, and she didn't kill him. Just dismembered him a couple of times.

She likely intends to give us a Sacred Clod, which will bring an earthquake down on our enemies. The more cows we sacrifice now, the more powerful the earthquake.