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Part 195: Husband Shortage

Sweet, we even manage to fuck up giving gifts.

At least there's some good news lately.

It's Dark Season, and with not much else to do, it's time for godbothering! Brandgor shows that he still has his "" habit while I'm doing so.

Clan Lore helps us divine the truth. All of Lhankor Mhy's blessings are useful, although I tend to use this one less than the other two.

Then I sacrifice to Lhankor's rival. Amusingly, Brandgor and Jarolor play out the rivalry themselves - Brandgor insists that sacrifices to Issaries rarely bring profit, while Jarolor goes all salesman telling us how Issaries loves sacrifices and will let us bargain well to get more money. Nobles: A source of useful advice, except for when their religion gets in the way.

Another heroquest to add to the pile.

I forgot to take a shot of the first screen after picking the options, but who cares because we won. The bagpipes broke this time, but they lasted longer than any of the other breakable treasures we had!

Kulbrast, you suck at exploring our tula. Explore somewhere else instead.

Welp, time to stack as much in our favor as possible since we're outnumbered.

A brutal fight, but a fight we won!

The ineffectiveness of our patrols reminded me that the Horse-Spawn burned down our Watch Tower way back in Sea season. Man, good thing they never burn the more expensive stuff.

Oh hey, this event again. Blah blah blah too many dead people lately blah blah we need husbands.

-Marry them off to surviving dudes.
-Ask them to be patient.
-Authorize the ladies to form joint households.
-"Be thankful that the kids aren't all dead."
-Send Jarolor off to the Holy Country to find bachelors there, just in time for him to miss Sacred Time.
-Hold a marriage contest to get guys from other clans.

Advice is mostly the same as last time, except for these two:

This isn't a problem. This is an opportunity!

A Marriage Contest? Joint households? I don't remember any of this from the sagas. (He helpfully suggests none of the options instead.)